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REPLACE HEADLIGHT BULBS -- Dodge Intrepid '93 - '97

How to replace headlight bulb on ‘93-‘97 Dodge Intrepid series one. (‘93 Dodge Intrepid, ‘94 Dodge Intrepid, ‘95 Dodge Intrepid)

Headlight bulb replacement on ‘93-‘97 Chrysler Concorde series one. (‘93 Chrysler Concorde, ‘94 Chrysler Concorde, ‘95 Chrysler Concorde, ‘96 Chrysler Concorde)

Instructions for replacing the headlight bulb on ‘93-‘97 Eagle Vision? series one?

Scope of problem: My ‘96 Dodge Intrepid has no easy access to replace the headlight bulbs (‘93-‘97 Dodge Intrepid Series One should be similar. Concorde info below). There are two long thin screws (T-15 head) on the left and right sides of each headlamp holder. They screw into small metal inserts that are embedded in the plastic headlamp holders. Even after I sprayed the screws with penetrating oil, almost everyday for a week, they still broke off the corner of plastic holder or turned futilely inside the plastic holder. None of the repair manuals I saw were helpful with this dilemma. Approximate price for the headlamp holder is $60 each and the headlamp housing bracket is $60 each (as of December, 2004).

The trick I learned ...

I had a hard time finding out how to replace the headlight bulbs on my '96 Intrepid. Both screws on the left headlamp turned futilely inside the plastic holder without breaking it. This prohibited me from pulling out the headlamp holder and replacing the bulb. Removing the fog lamp under the headlamp was easy and provided access to two 3/8" hex head sheet metal screws which hold the headlamp holder in place.

  • First I removed the two top Phillips screws that hold the fog lamp in place (not the third one on the bottom).

  • Then I removed two 3/8" hex head sheet metal screws. One is directly behind the fog lamp and the other is a few inches toward the center of the car.

  • Then I removed two more 3/8" hex head sheet metal screws on top of the headlamp holder.

  • Then I gently pulled out the whole assembly to gain access to replace the bulb.

This was easier and cheaper than repairing broken plastic holders.


The right screw on the right headlight came out ok, but the left screw broke the plastic holder. I epoxied the insert and holder back together. I also applied anti-seize compound to each insert and screw for easy removal next time. I didn’t tighten these screws real tight because I don’t think I need to and too much stress on the fresh epoxy will break the holder again. I tightened them until they were barely snug. But I cracked the brackets and I could see my headlights giggle as I drove over bumps. I glued wood shims under the headlights to keep them from giggling. But I waited until one of the bulbs got ruined from the giggling. So don't wait like I did.



‘93-‘97 Chrysler Concorde Series One

I received the following unsolicited information, via the internet, from Matt Houseward (someone I don't know):

The '96 Concorde does not have fog lamps, so option 2 is not available if the t-15 bolts strip out of the plastic and won't move. The first thing to do is remove both turn signals.  These unclip very easily.  If you can unscrew one of the t-15 bolts closest to the grill then that headlight will swing in and out using the other bolt as a hinge.  This is only possible if the turn signal is removed.  Once it swings out it is easy to replace the bulb.  As a matter of fact, I would almost suggest leaving in the t-15 bolt further from the grill because it acts as a stabilizer and frees up your hands. If both bolts strip, the bulb can STILL be replaced.  First, remove the turn signal and the bulb.  Second, remove the two screws that secure the headlight assembly (3/8").  There is now enough play for you to snake your hand behind the headlight assembly and unscrew the bulb from the headlight casing.  You will need to hold it from behind the assembly and unscrew it from in front of the assembly.  You may need to recruit someone with small hands.  Once the bulb is unscrewed, take it out from behind the assembly (there's not a whole lot of cord so you won't have a lot of slack), replace the bulb, and snake it back behind the assembly.  Feed it back into the casing, and screw it back in using one hand behind the assembly, and one hand in front.

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I installed Sylvania SilverStar high performance halogen bulbs #9007. My first impressions are that they are worth the money. They are brighter than the original bulbs. Wal-Mart sells them for $19.84 ea. as of Nov 2007. The original bulbs lasted nine years.

Repair manuals recommend disconnecting the battery to prevent airbag deployment. I didn’t do that and had no problem, but I don’t recommend you do like I did. I’m not a car mechanic and this is outside the realm of my expertise. This is not for instructional purposes, I’m just sharing my difficult experience for what it’s worth.

Yellowed Lens Cover Fix

My lens covers became very yellow and reduced light output. They are very costly and difficult to replace. While at Wal-Mart I found a large silver envelope that offered a life-time satisfaction guarantee to clear up the headlight lens covers for about $20. On 12-22-07 I applied it and was shocked. It works GREAT! The only disappointment is that it takes more than the five minutes advertised. I didn't time myself, but it seemed to take 45 minutes to do both. It is easy to do and works. Two years later they yellowed again. I sold the car before I took the effort to try buffing the yellow out again. This is made by Crystal View Chemicals More info is available on their website: www.myheadlight.com.





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