How to Program a Transponder Key for a 2002 Toyota Camry XLE

This might also work for 2000 2001 2002 2003 Toyota Camry Sienna XLE


It took me a while to build my confidence that I could buy a cheap transponder key on the internet and program it myself and save $107. The following method worked easily for me on my 2002 Toyota Camry XLE. I bought a blank master key on eBay for $15.49 and paid $2 to double cut the key at a local hardware store. Local Toyota dealers charge about $60 for the key plus $60 for programming. A Toyota dealer tried to scare me by saying I may burnout my alternator. After many years and programming a few keys, my alternator never burnt out! 

WHERE I GOT MY KEY: http://stores.ebay.com/Bartolete-Keys This key is made by ILCO and is smaller than the original key. Ace Hardware sells a chip key for $75 including the programming, but it is a lot larger than the original key.

I also found a Toyota dealer who sells valet keys on the internet for $35.47: http://donjacobstoyota.com/Parts.aspx  Kevin Scop E_maiI: kevin*at*donjacobstoyota.com



No need to rush through this procedure, just do it right. Haste makes waste.

1. Simultaneously press and release both the brake and accelerator pedals 1 time.

2. Insert an original Master Key into the ignition but do not turn it.

3. Within 15 seconds press and release accelerator pedal 5 times.

4. Within 20 seconds press and release the brake pedal 6 times and remove key.

5. Within 10 seconds insert the New Key into ignition but do not turn it.

6. Within 10 seconds press and release the accelerator pedal 1 time.

7. Now sit and wait for about one minute until the security light in the center counsel stops blinking and turns off.

8. Remove the new key and press and release the brake pedal 1 time.

9. Test your key now. It should work if you followed the instructions. If not, you may want to try the following instructions:


If your car is a:

Toyota Camry, Camry LE (1998-2002)

Toyota Camry CE, LE (2003-2006)

Toyota Prius (2001-2003)

Toyota Highlander (2001-2003)

Toyota Land Cruiser (1998-2002)

Toyota Sienna Van XLE, LE (1998-2003)

You can try this method to program it. I did not need this method so I have not proven this method:

1. Make sure all doors and windows are closed.

2. Insert existing Master Key into the ignition switch.

3. Cycle the ignition switch from On to OFF five times.

4. Open and close the driver's side door 6 times.

5. Remove the Master Key and insert the New Duplicate key.

6. Turn the ignition switch on.

7. The new key should be registered after 60 seconds. The theft light on the dashboard will go out, indicating that programming has been completed.



I am not a dealer, a car mechanic or a locksmith and cannot claim this will work for you, I just am conveying my experience with my car.

If you lost all of your keys, you must go to a dealer..

Above prices and instructions were posted March 2010.

BTW, I tested the key before I programmed it and it would not start the car until I programmed it. I also took a key apart and found an inductor and more inside the chip.




Two Repair Manuals $79



I sold my Camry and no longer need these manuals. These explain how to repair 4 cyl. and 6  cyl. Toyota Camry 2002 to 2006. $79 includes shipping, factory original Toyota Camry Repair Manual volume 2 which is the right one (volume 1 only covers dealer prep and diagnostic specifications), the Haynes Repair Manual and silver touch-up paint shown in the center.







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