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scientists tell us when the universe expanded from the big bang, the temperature of the universe was over a billion degrees. obviously too hot for any organic matter (life). only inorganic matter could be within the universe. over time as temperatures cooled, gaseous matter formed the sphere rock formations (planets and moons) that we observe throughout the universe. the universe then was totally sterile. in photos of the moon and mars we observe there is no life, not even one insect or one blade of grass there, just inorganic matter (elements, compounds, rocks).


as you know a precise and highly complex dna code is required for every living cell and is unique for every life form. dna codes are far more complex and intelligent than any software program ever produced.

in order for something to be considered science, it must be observable and replicable. because inorganic matter has zero capability to perform any task and no one has ever observed inorganic matter developing dna codes for any cell of any evolving life form, evolution cannot be considered science for the “origin of species.” so we are left with having faith in people who tell us stories about evolution or having faith in the bible which tells us about our intelligent designer. which is more rational and offers us a greater benefit ... the incivility and depression that results from telling people they came from monkeys or the prosperity nations received during times of christian renascence? history teaches us the pattern of corruption, intolerance and mass murder by atheist governments. history also teaches us of the freedom and human advancement during times of true christian renascence the rare times countries lived in obedience to the teachings of the bible.


now let’s consider a common machine, the automobile. each component of an automobile is engineered to very precise specifications by teams of intelligent engineers. let's think about just the fluids in an automobile. they too are engineered to precise properties. what would happen if we were to ask a person, without any experience, to simply install all the different fluids in an automobile? people are intelligent, have a desire to succeed and are capable of accomplishing tasks. but the chances of an inexperienced person simply installing all the fluids (brake fluid, transmission fluid, engine coolant, freon, battery acid, etc.) in the right place in the correct amount is effectively zero. just that very simple task alone makes random chance for the function of an automobile impossible.

but the fluids required for the function of the human body are far more complex than the fluids in automobiles, such as: blood in the veins, stomach acid in the stomach, tear fluid in the eyes and synovial fluid in joints. it's apparent these fluids were intelligently designed. plus the fluids in the human body replenish on their own and to correct levels, unlike a car. this sophistication alone makes random chance for the function of a human body impossible.

lastly let's look at two of the most proven laws in science, the first and second laws of thermodynamics. the first law of thermodynamics states that matter and energy cannot be created nor destroyed. the second law states that everything always tends to move from order to disorder. these tell us that if we set a brick in a field and check on it 1000 years later, we will not find that it evolved into a house, but deteriorated into dust.

evolution is based on the unscientific rationale that mutations are good and beneficial. but when we observe mutations, we call them birth defects. parents do not want a mutation in their child because mutations result in cleft palates, clubfoot, downs syndrome and more ... not improvements as the second law already proved.


evolution is an infinitely imaginative branch of science. no one has seen evidence for it. i know because i traveled much in search of evidence for evolution. i have examined some of the largest evolution exhibits in the world: new york, chicago, manila philippines, san diego, rosenheim germany, the smithsonian in washington dc and more. each display is similar, 100% of the displays are "casts" (fake pieces) or fragments of a skeleton. they do not have one complete skeleton of one link in the human chain of evolution! notes posted next to displays are based on numerous assumptions which are based on the assumption of evolution, not scientific evidence. i ask scientists at museums for the evidence and am repeatedly told, "what you see is all we have to offer."


do yourself a favor and see for yourself. investigating the reasoning supporting evolution and intelligent design is one of the best things i ever did to build my faith in god. click here to see how incomplete the most complete early hominid specimen is. it's difficult to tell if it's human, and don't be surprised if it eventually is proven not human. that happens far more often than evolutionists admit.


and to teach the big bang was the beginning also is deceptive. a lot had to take place prior to the big bang. first energy is needed, then matter must be created and then controlled energy is required to accumulate, compress and release the matter. to simply state there was nothing prior to the start of everything and that nothing itself produced all mass, all energy and all the vast complexity is totally unscientific. again the first law of thermodynamics prevails.


amazon product reviewer job we do not expect to find architects inside the buildings they created because they are external from them and superior to them. so too the creator of the universe need not be inside it to prove he exists. his existence is self-evident, romans 1:19-22. and we are promised he will come back and we should prepare for that, rev 21:3-4.

now that we have established intelligent design is far more rational than static time and mindless random chance from nothing creating all the mass, space, energy and complexity throughout the universe, the big question is who is the creator of all this sophistication? does he have any requirements of us? will he hold us accountable? this is what atheists want to keep us from thinking about! that is so wrong!


evolution and atheism are religions that have no scientific basis and require too much blind faith to be rational. moreover there's no benefit for society to teach children god doesn't exist, everyone evolved from monkeys and everyone will simply cease to exist. that's very depressing and causes many of the societal problems we see around this depressed and overly medicated world.

learn more about our creator and humanity at www.howtogetrightwithgod.com. feel free to pass this information onto others.


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