The Book that will Exceed Your Expectations ...

The is no other book in the world that has more in print than the Bible, period. It consistently is the best selling book, even though is has been removed from the best sellers list years ago. Ironically it also is the most ignored book in the world. One way or another most people have found a way to ignore reading the Bible. This causes us problems. Hosea 4:6 tells us, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

  • Many say they do not have time, but God knows everyone has the same amount of time everyday and some chose to read the Bible and most chose to ignore the Bible.

  • Many think once they start reading the Bible and obeying it, that will take the fun out of their lives. The opposite is true! God wants us to have true inner lasting joy and not the cheap thrills sin provides us. Much pain comes with sin. When we chose to sin, we chose to suffer. Many young people indulge in sin and set themselves up for years of problems. Then they are depressed and angry and turn to alcohol, drugs, sex, violence and even suicide. God has better for us. So He sent His Holy Spirit to help us make choices that provide true inner lasting joy. The Holy Spirit is on our side, He is our Advocate.

  • Many think the Bible is not for today, or is not understandable. The Bible is made for common people to be blessed throughout all time. There is no book with greater knowledge and wisdom. No book has changed more lives for the better then the Bible!

I encourage you to take the Bible challenge. Read it everyday for 30 days and see the benefits it provides you. You just might have a hard time putting it down like I did. Thirty-five years later, I still read the Bible everyday, yes everyday for 35 years. There is a reason I do that. Because it has the words of life and keeps me on track.


With the love of Christ,


Ro.n Jasniow.ski
Palatine, Illinois  60074


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