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MISSION: Helping people understand how simple it is to get right with God and end up in heaven.  Mat 22:9 Go therefore to the main highways, and as many as you find there, invite to the wedding feast

Lead 1000+ souls to Christ every year. Last year (2020) I led 436 souls to Christ by the grace of God. This is not bad considering world-wide lockdowns and the need to spend much time on fund raising.

To be productive and fruitful daily for the Kingdom of God and His people in an efficient and cost-effective manner.



Please listen to recordings of witnessing events and read the testimony quotes written of some of these eager souls. When I spend 8 hours soul winning, I often lead 3-5 souls to the Lord, sometimes 10.


You can have a part in the Great Commission ...


Please pray for Ron Jasn_iowski and a daily harvest of souls among young adults (and anyone).


Subsc_ribe to Ron's monthly email updates and learn how souls are being impacted with your support.




If you would like to partner financially with this ministry, you may choose your preferred method to donate.

Donations through Commission Ministers Network (CMN) are tax-deductible.

On-Line Giving: It is quite simple to setup monthly payments by credit card or bank debit at: https://cmnetwork.denarionline.com/Donate/?missionary=JasnRon 

Call in Donation: Commission Ministers Network (CMN) 830-315-28_22 (M-F 9-5 CST) or call Ron Jasniow_ski at 1-773-747-03_25  

Zelle: Call or ema_il me for how to send funds via Zelle.

PayPal: Call or ema_il me for how to send funds via PayPal.

For a form and the address to send donations via postal mail, click here.


E-Ma_il: Ron Jasniow_ski click here or send ema_il to: ronATipm5DOTcom and replace AT with @ and DOT with .

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Ro.n Jasniow_ski
1000 Bay.side Dr., Unit 111

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